Why am I not getting enough video likes on my youtube video?

Why am I not getting enough video likes on my youtube video?

Have you ever wondered why your YouTube videos are not getting views? Below are some listed possible reasons why you are getting fewer views.

Right thumbnail 

Your video’s thumbnail will be the first thing the public sees. Visitors will only click on your video if it appears light. People will presume that your video’s quality will match its thumbnail if it is of poor quality. Your YouTube thumbnail is the first step toward having no views. It would help if you utilized individual thumbnails that best match your business and video content to make your thumbnails as attractive as possible. The thumbnail would look best if you were also not afraid to oversaturate it or increase the contrast.

Right video tags

YouTube functions similarly to Google since it is a search engine. When users type a search term for a particular video, YouTube presents the top videos that most closely match the term. Your video will rank higher if a search engine deems it more relevant. Most views will go to videos located on search engine result pages, while little to no views will be given to those at the bottom. For this reason, you must also ensure that your video is optimized correctly. This includes ensuring that your video has the appropriate tags. Because the search engine will prioritize the top tag, you should create targeted keyword tags for your video. I mean single-word tags that accurately describe the content of your video when I say “specific tags.”

Consistency of content

People will ask for clarification when you are consistent with your YouTube video. They will only subscribe to your YouTube channel if they know what kind of videos it will feature or what it is about. Your video rating may suffer significantly as a result. This is so because the algorithm gives channels with a history of posting valuable content a higher priority. Your channel’s subscribers and views will show how valuable the videos are. Having no views on YouTube is terrible, but a little consistency can go a long way. Make a content calendar and follow it to guarantee high placement in YouTube results. Make sure the information you publish is relevant to your niche.

Intro of video

Most audiences have a minimal attention span these days. You, therefore, have limited time to capture their interest. They will only watch your video at the end of the beginning is too slow or hazy. The worst aspect is that they might also stop watching other videos on your channel since they will also think it’s uninteresting. Attempt to grab the audience’s attention in the initial few seconds of the video. By immediately illuminating the video’s central idea, you can achieve this. You could start the video with an unexpected sight, person, or message.

 YouTube optimization 

If terms like “keywords,” “tagging,” “custom thumbnails,” “targeting,” “search volume,” “channel design,” and “SEO” make little sense to you and you’re not moving in that direction, I’ve got great news for you. Merely doing all of these things can increase views significantly. Even with millions of subscribers and billions of views, the majority of popular YouTubers still use these strategies. This is crucial. Video optimization techniques enable vlogs and other entertainment-focused topics to reach a wider audience. Implement SEO for YouTube. You should spend more than just two minutes filling out a description, and things like keywording should become automatic. Tag boxes also should be fulfilled. At first, this could seem very scary, but fortunately, some free tools are available to help with this.

Horrible audio quality

Consider how frequently you’ve watched videos with subpar audio. Did you subscribe to the channel or stop watching it as soon as it got too much? Your video’s audio quality should be at least as good as it is. Realize first that you should prioritize audio enhancement before thinking about video quality. If you can afford it, upgrading your camera would be a much better use of your money than purchasing a high-quality microphone. An excellent microphone is available for a small portion of the price of a mirrorless camera. The last and most crucial advice is to avoid using loud music in your video when speaking, explaining, etc.


When you communicate with your audience, you build a relationship with them, which makes your channel more valuable to both the individuals you respond to and the viewers who are only watching the conversation and can learn more about you. They will watch more of your videos if they see more of your personality in the comments, increasing the likelihood of doing so. They’ll interact with your content more by leaving comments, asking more questions, and even subscribing. However, interaction should continue beyond your videos. Be involved in your community, whether it be on your YouTube channel, the channels of other YouTubers, social media, blogs, in person, etc. Be sure to add value when you react to your comments. Use a customized answer to, at the very least, demonstrate that you have read the comment.


Not getting any YouTube views is not the beginning of the end. Even though it is annoying, you can do many things to resolve this issue. But just as with everything else, you must first determine why people aren’t interested in watching your movies. The causes mentioned earlier are but a few of the many potential ones.

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