My guardian angel is as…

Have you ever thought about what your guardian angel’s face looks like when he stares at you? Here you go! He’s probably working out how to help yourself out from the havoc you’ve made!

Sorry, life.

Sometimes life can be difficult. If you’re ever feeling exhausted lay in bed. Nobody will be able to judge you, unless your cat or dog.

I’m alive, whoa!

There are instances that you might wonder if you’re still here. That’s just to prove that you’re stronger than you think.

Choose your battle.

In fact, you’ll need to choose your battle. It’s impossible to be simultaneously. This is just too tragic.

I’m fine. Absolutely perfect!

If someone asks you what’s going on in your life and you’re unable to answer using words, you can show them this video instead. It’s possible that you’re experiencing an upswing however, you’ll be perfectly fine.

Congrats, guys!

You’re single forever? No worries! Your career and love can wait but memes can’t. Relax and enjoy these hilarious pictures of life!

Oh, well…

Let’s be serious for a moment. This video is extremely relatable. It’s not worth crying at the spilled bottle of milk. If things don’t go exactly in the way you’d like they should, just keep going with the flow.

I’m used to it in any case.

The meme in this one has the same meaning as the first one. You’re probably used to seeing things that go wrong in your daily life, so you should just continue moving ahead. You may be unable to succeed today, but you will always make it happen tomorrow.

Life has a purpose.

As you’ve grown accustomed to having life snarl around you it can be easy to believe you are being a victim when it acts with the kindness of others. You’re a bit paranoid. You can laugh at your worries by watching this meme.

The best 45 seconds of my life.

There’s always that brief time when you think you’ve got it all figured out. However, you soon realize that it was really just a short break. This is fine. It’s at least that you were able to enjoy the opportunity to enjoy that moment.

Stay calm and be amazing.

Everyone wants to remain calm when everything is breaking down. Look like this cat, elegant and stylish, despite the struggles.

Oof, gotta hide!

It’s probably a reality to all students who are out there. Have you ever been in class with no preparation, and sat in the back and trying to hide as best you can in the hopes that the teacher doesn’t know you’re there?

Maybe I’m a kindergartner?

Are you sure that you’re an adult? It’s true that sometimes you’ll be like a child who doesn’t know what’s going on in their life. However, that’s fine. You’ll come to grips with it. We’re convinced of your abilities.

Oh What a list.

Poor decisions are still choices. You cannot return to the past to make them right however, you can make a change to your strategy to shift the odds to your advantage. The first step might be recording them, much as in Spongebob.

I don’t know what it is.

Like this guy who holds an iron sword in the wrong direction perhaps you don’t have an clue what you’re doing. Be assured that it occurs to all of us.

Haha. I’m OK.

If your situation is becoming way too serious, a therapy or a friend might assist. In the meantime, keep in mind that you’re not the only one. You’ve got your memes, and your family and friends, as well.

It’s not clear whether it’s the day of Tuesday, or…

Ever felt as if every single day was Monday? This is probably true for those who have in a 9-to-5.

When life is the hard way…

This is what you appear like when you’re hit hard and you’re trying to determine the reason for what happened. If you don’t wish to look such a way, you need to stop thinking about things!

At the very least, I’m a professional.

If you behave professional, nobody will be aware. Confidence is the key to be confident, my dear. Nobody should belittle those who are able to manage themselves.


We all remember the book! Written by Daniel Handler under the pen name Lemony Snicket, and has been a cult franchise over time. But can you remember when it was only an amazing book, not your reality?

Let me fight you.

It’s a great feeling when someone mentions something you’re an expert in? You can impress them with your knowledge and ensure that they don’t be able to get away with something that’s not true!

My thoughts on my life…

The waiting game keeps your mind engaged. This is likely what you feel like when your mind is occupied, not just when you’ve put your bread sitting in your toaster.

Do not talk with me.

Don’t distract people who aren’t getting enough rest. You’re going to be knocking on doors to hell in the event that you don’t.

Hey there Soulmate!

There’s nothing better than having a conversation with people who speak the same language as you do. But not in the literal sense but someone who moves exactly the way that you do.

You actually had a relationship with this person? !

There will be an occasion when you’ll discover what a mistake you made by dating your ex. When that time arrives, you’ll be laughing about it with your pals. We wish you the best of the best of luck.

Oh my God, life took me away.

This is that it can be so terrifying to make a risk sometimes. Of course you must try your hand at it, since humans are naturally interested.

You sure, mah?

Do you remember how your mother would brag about everything while all you had to think of was how untruthful she was? We’re with you, dear friend. Don’t make a mistake. Mom will be proud of you and then just enjoy it to yourself.

Let’s probably just have fun with it.

Enjoy life like Groot. Do not worry about the little things. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the issues. Take them on with confidence But take a breath every now and then.

Save me Mom!

A lot of us remain “kids at heart,” even though we’re technically adults. It’s totally acceptable to behave like a child at times…but most likely not at work? We can understand, however. Sometimes, you want to cry and scream to Mom!

East, west, what?

This meme is for adults who are terrible at navigating. East, west, wait…what? Please use English. We feel for you Dear friend.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be tardy.

Sometimes, it’s just so relaxing to lay around. Sorry! I swear I will not be late. Let me snap one hundred selfies!


It’s all about priority, so happiness is first. That’s the kind of happiness that is derived from shopping! Do you ever feel like this? You feel like you’re wasting money buying things that will eventually make you feel satisfied?

Final Words

We can choose what we do with our lives. If we take our life way too much, then we’ll be depressed and sad. If we’re too depressed, we will not be able to come up with appropriate solutions to our anxieties and worries.

Let loose a little and discover an opportunity to be a little silly. The act of consuming memes that you can relate to is a kind of self-love. If you’re feeling like your world is crumbling go to this blog and boost your spirits.

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